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In 2002, James Wengerd was given the opportunity to purchase Trout Creek Truss, a small wood truss company in Trout Creek, Montana. Needing work for himself and his growing boys, he decided to pursue this opportunity. James soon realized this business would allow him to fulfill a dream, a dream that gave him the opportunity to work side by side with his family, teaching them business skills and work ethics as they grow older.

Business continued in the small 30'x40' building for about 1 year, with only 2 miter saws and a small truss jig. In 2003, a new 92’x100’ building was constructed in Noxon, Mt. to accommodate the growing business. Better equipment was then purchased to operate more efficiently. In March of 2007, a state of the art computerized saw was added for precision cutting and more efficient production. James' 5 sons have been very active in the business over the years, designing trusses, manufacturing and delivering them .

Mission Statement

We hope that you will find your relationship with us a prosperous and rewarding experience. We strongly emphasize our commitment to you the customer, and devote our time and effort to doing our best to please and satisfy each individual that walks into our office.

Commitment to Customers:

  • Provide each of our clients with complete respect.
  • Provide what we have agreed to and more, but never less.
  • Provide assistance and guidance to all questions.
  • Provide the best quality product and service available as compared to the industry standards.
  • Provide the TRUTH, we will never knowingly promise that which we can not fulfill.

Commitment to God:

  • Committed to God, whom we hold as the Creator of all, the Judge of all.
  • Committed to honor Him and bring Him glory through our actions and speech.
  • Committed to honor Him in the way we treat our fellowman, as well as how we run our business.

Our original shop

First Trout Creek Truss Shop

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First Trout Creek Truss Shop