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If you're searching for a reliable company that can take on all of your truss construction needs, there's no reason to look anywhere but at Trout Creek Truss Inc. Trout Creek Truss Inc. is a prominent truss building business that's headquartered in the beautiful community of Noxon, Montana. If you want roof trusses that are 100 percent engineered, we're the company that can help you get exactly what you need.

Bare wood frame of structure

Our company specializes in a wide selection of engineered roof trusses. The structural frames we construct can do a lot for you. There are many positive points attached to constructing a roof that is equipped with a truss. Since trusses are so light, they can be installed swiftly and easily. Trusses also come in a wide range of pleasant styles. They, because of that, can give a boost to your structure's inside layout.

If you need a roof truss for your structure, get in contact with us today. Our talented professionals will carefully analyze your structure and come up with an engineered roof truss solution that will meet your needs.